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Best barn wedding venue in Augusta County

About Us

Pete and Lisa met in 2015 on
- no joke.

Two years later, they had a micro wedding in Bedford, Pennsylvania before micro weddings became a trend. Three years after that they bought the Showalter Apple Farm. By this time, most of the apple trees were gone. Pete and Lisa began reseeding and establishing new pasture growth for both hay and grazing of livestock on the 32-acre farm. They now have groves of trees and are actively clearing out scrub growth. The result? Mother Nature revealed beautiful old fruit trees that had been allowed to grow wild including native oak and walnut trees.

Pete and Lisa love spending time on the hilltop enjoying the beautiful, incredible panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Pete began the idea of building Lisa a pavilion on the hilltop. 


Lisa has loved old barns all her life and so began the idea of restoring the old red bank barn. From these ideas and honoring a farm that has been shared with this community for decades – the idea of a micro wedding venue came to life.


Both believe in the tradition of marriage, the specialness and sacredness of the day.  They also believe there should be affordable, beautiful wedding venues in the Shenandoah Valley. 


That’s why their micro wedding venue is so important to them. Pete and Lisa believe in the community they live in, Augusta County, and want to give back by sharing this beautiful farm and space affordably.

Pete and Lisa at their own micro wedding

At Apple Pie Farm, we know you want a small, spectacular wedding, but you don’t want to break the bank to do it. - We get it!

Just like you, we believe it shouldn’t cost a fortune to get married. And it certainly shouldn’t be stressful. We also believe that your wedding day is a sacred, special day. So it should be beautiful, too! You can have exactly that at our Shenandoah Valley farm, and we have two beautiful settings to choose from:


  • A chic, rustic red barn wedding in our early 20th century barn

  • A panoramic hilltop wedding with our spectacular timber frame pavilion

Outdoor wedding venue at Apple Pie Farm

Perry Showalter began the Showalter apple farm in March 1930.

In 1977, his son Richard and wife Bertha bought the farm and continued the tradition of growing apples and producing their own honey. Many memories were made in the community of school field trips and families coming to the farm to buy apples, honey, apple butter, and apple cider. We love the stories we regularly hear of people’s happy memories of visiting this farm as both children and adults.

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