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  • How many people can come to my wedding?
    2 to 100 depending on the package you choose.
  • Can I bring a musician?
    Yes. See rules and regulations. If booking the pavilion, please make sure they are aware they will need to walk up the hill with any instruments or equipment and that there is no electricity. If booking the barn, we only have 2 electrical outlets available for their equipment.
  • Are pets allowed at the venue?
    Yes, we love furry family! There is a limit of 2 and pets must remain leashed at all times. Someone in your wedding party must be in charge of the pet and holding their leash at all times. No pets are allowed to be off leash or tied to any structures. ("Pets" refers generally to dogs and cats, if you want to bring a different pet animal, please check with Lisa.)
  • Can my pet run around the farm?
    No, we want your furry friend to stay safe. Pets must be on a leash and under the supervision of a human at all times.
  • Can I bring a pet that isn't a dog or cat?
    Maybe, please email Lisa with details of your request.
  • Is this a real farm?
    Yes! We are currently restoring our fields for pasture and hay.
  • Will farming be happening on my wedding day?
    No. When the time is right hay must be mowed, so it's possible there may be a tractor mowing or baling hay on a neighboring farm.
  • Are candles or sparklers allowed?
    No. No open flame of any kind is allowed on the property. Battery powered candles are allowed.
  • Are string lights allowed?
    Yes, only if battery operated. This includes both the Pavilion and the Barn. They must be hung in a non-destructive way. No nails, staples, or Command hooks.
  • Can I hang drapery and flowers on the pavilion structure?
    Yes! But you may not use any nails, hooks, staples, push pins, tape, zip ties, or other destructive fasteners. The pavilion is constructed with wooden dowels, which provide a great support for drapery and greenery. We recommend bringing plenty of clips, string, and twine to secure your drapery, as long as they are non-marking and can be cleanly removed. (No Command strips or hooks are allowed, they do not always remove cleanly.)
  • Can I use Command Strips and Hooks to decorate?
    No, they do not always remove cleanly from walls and surfaces.
  • Can someone arrive early to decorate?
    No. You must allow time to decorate within your booked time slot. If you need ample time to set up and decorate, we recommend booking more than two hours for your event.
  • Can we stay late to take down decorations?
    No. There may be a guest using the venue after you. Please plan for all set up and clean up to be completed within your booked time slot.
  • Can I arrive early?
    No. If you need more time, please book more time.
  • Can I stay late?
    No. If you need more time please book more time.
  • Can I book last minute?
    Yes! You may book a time slot any time up until a week before your date. Please email Lisa at for dates and availability.
  • Can we shoot our guns at the venue?
    No. No fake or real firearms may be discharged on the venue property.
  • Do you welcome all weddings?
    Absolutely! No discrimination of any kind is allowed on our farm.
  • Is smoking allowed at the venue?
    No. This is a smoke-free farm. No smoking (and no open flame) of any kind is allowed anywhere on the property. This includes smoking in cars on the property. Please advise your guests and wedding party of this policy. This is a strict policy and anyone not cooperating will be ordered to leave the property immediately.
  • Can we release wish lanterns?
    No. No open flames, lighters, or fires are allowed on the property.
  • Can we release balloons?
    No. Releasing balloons is an environmental hazard. All decorative balloons must be secured and properly disposed of after use.
  • Are there any additional fees?
    No. As part of our goal of making this process as easy and stress free as possible all fees and taxes are included in the booking price.
  • Does the pavilion have electricity?
  • Does the barn have electricity?
    There are lights and two electrical outlets available for use.
  • Is there a bathroom?
    A Porta Potty will be available for you, your wedding party, and your guests to share. A bathroom is being built in 2024 and will be available for use in fall 2024.
  • What is parking like?
    Grassy lawn. Signs and owners will help direct parking for your group.
  • Can we drive up the hill to the pavilion?
    Yes, but no parking is allowed on the hill of the pavilion. No parking is allowed because the vehicles will be in all your wedding photos. You may drive up to drop off decorations and supplies and then return vehicles to the parking area. If bride or guests, who are unable to walk up the hill, owner will be available to drive them up and drop them off and will come and pick them up when finished.
  • Are there spiders and snakes?
    This is an outdoor venue. In any outdoor areas there are living creatures. We are no exception. Venues will be checked and dusted prior to your event. Though not likely, we cannot guarantee there would never be a spider or snake showing up. If this would absolutely ruin your day please book a different venue where that isn't a possibility.
  • Can I bring drinks?
    Yes. Bring bubbly to celebrate. If you are serving alcohol to your guests, you will need to get an ABC temporary event permit.
  • Can I use chafing dishes or hot plates?
    No. No open flames or electric heat sources may be used on the farm.
  • Do we have to clean up after our guests?
    Yes. Please place all trash in the container provided. If you prefer to recycle or compost, you must take all recycling and composting away with you.
  • Can I use my own caterer?
    Yes, please refer to the Rules and Regulations
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