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Rules & Regulations

Read our venue rules and regulations

Agreed upon rental time and venue access

The agreed upon Event rental time constitutes the entire time booked for venue access and client’s event.  This means that arrival, set-up, ceremony, food, photos, clean-up, and departure must take place during the contracted rental time.  Please consider your time carefully to make sure you have allotted ample time for everything you hope to accomplish during your rental time. If you wish to have additional time you will need to book more than one time slot.


If agreement is breached and additional time is used the cost will be deducted from the security deposit.


Punctuality in both arrival and departure are necessary to avoid overtime charges and to prevent potential conflicts with other events that may be taking place before or after your rental time.  This includes your guests, officiant, photographers etc.


If you wish to have exclusive use of the farm utilizing both the pavilion and the barn you will need to rent and pay for both.


All vehicles associated with the event must be parked within the designated parking areas and removed at the end of the event rental time.


No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property, including in vehicles, by clients or their guests. Clients are responsible for informing their guests of this policy. This is strictly enforced and any client or guest failing to comply will result in the entire venue party being asked to immediately leave the property with no refund allowed.  If clients or guests refuse to comply authorities will be notified for assistance in removal of clients and guests.   THIS IS A NON-SMOKING PROPERTY/VENUE

to protect the wood venue structures, both the new pavilion and the old bank barn that is non-replaceable. 


Pets and Animals

Up to 2 dogs are allowed at events but must be kept on leash and held by a designated person at all times on the property. 

At no time are dogs allowed off-leash for any reason.  All dogs must be current on rabies vaccinations. Any other animals, other than service animals, are not permitted onsite unless approved in advance by Apple Pie Farm.



Battery operated candles are allowed. No open flames of any type are allowed anywhere on the property. No candles or lighted flames are allowed.  No Patio heaters are allowed. 


Food and Beverages

Tables for set up are provided. No candles or flame warmers are allowed to heat food. No electrical outlets are available to heat or warm food or drinks. Caterers:  Please refer to vendor requirements if you wish to use a vendor for this.  They must be able to walk and carry all items they are bringing from the parking area to the site you have rented.  This means walking up the hill carrying items to the pavilion and back down if you rent the pavilion.



If you plan to have alcoholic beverages at your event you must apply for a banquet license to serve at the event:

  • On-line through ABC website

  • Pay fee

  • They will ask for a copy of the venue contract

  • They will want you to submit a copy of wedding invitation



Seating capacity is for 100 guests.  Chairs or benches are provided. Guests must stay within proximity of your rental. 

No wandering around the farm fields or outbuildings is allowed.  



Decorating must happen within the rental time purchased.  Anything that hangs must be done with string or twine.  Tape, wire, nails, screws, glue or any other product that would damage wood are not allowed.  All decorations must be removed within the rental time and prior to departure.



You may choose the photographer of your choice.  If you are renting the pavilion they must be able to walk up the hill and carry all equipment with them from the parking area.  We have a list of photographers on our web site who offer micro wedding packages.

Live-streaming is allowed but no wifi is available.  You will have to provide your own service.


Videotaping is allowed.  Videographer will have to be able to walk to rented location and be able to carry their equipment. 

It must be battery operated as no electrical outlets are available.


No boudoir or nude photos of any kind are allowed anywhere on property.


We hope you will email us your favorite wedding photo for us to post on our website and social media.   We want to share the joy of your day with you and with others who may want to see your beautiful wedding.  By sending us this photo you give us permission/consent to post it.



You may hire and bring your own officiant.  We provide a list of officiants available for our micro weddings.  Contacting them and making arrangements is your responsibility.  If you hire your own officiant make sure they are able to walk up the hill unassisted if you are renting the outdoor pavilion.


Handicap Accessibility

Our barn venue is wheelchair and handicap accessible. 


Our pavilion isn’t wheelchair accessible.  If you have 1-2 guests who are mobile but unable to walk up the hill to the pavilion please send venue owner message and assistance will be provided. 



Bathroom facilities are porta-potties 


Wedding License

Is your responsibility.


All trash is to be placed in the receptacles provided prior to departure.

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